Pentavirate is the single port of entry for global capital to invest in high yield, institutional-grade commercial real estate in North America.

Pentavirate is the single port of entry for global capital to invest in high yield, institutional-grade commercial real estate in North America.

Pentavirate Launches $100m Luxembourg Sukuk, Rated A-

Pentavirate Launches $100m Luxembourg Sukuk, Rated A-

What we do

We are an investments company that specializes in concierge-level investment advisory and services to international investors, delivering risk-adjusted returns that exceed the traditional gateway markets and core product types.

An investment methodology that goes beyond market averages to understand the local conditions, the buildings, the sellers and the tenants

Targets below-the-radar real estate products that are undervalued and owned by small operators with room for rental growth and value creation

A full suite of investment vehicles from Sukuk to portfolio funds to direct Reg S investments​

pentavirate group

Pentavirate (PV) Compliant

A premier provider of Shariah compliant investments and management services for Emerging Market investors, through the issuance of Sukuk and private placement securitized by North American commercial real estate.


PREI is the acquisition and asset management company of Pentavirate. Representing a century of commercial real estate experience, the PREI team is committed to fiduciary investment management for its clients, delivering risk-adjusted returns based on market analysis and a proven operational track record.

Pentavirate Technology Solutions

Pentavirate continues to explore options for investors in the ever changing demands of finance technology as a member of Fintech in the DIFC, Dubai.

What We Solve

Investors looking to invest in North America face significant barriers.

Higher Transaction Costs

Increased commissions, levies, taxes, clearing fees, exchange and legal fees, among others, negatively affect return. Plus, gathering local knowledge is expensive and time intensive.


Exchange rates going into and out of USD from foreign currency can add major load to your return. In addition, government and geographical factors can modify and change currency rates.


The need to sell an asset quickly for return of capital remains a challenge because real estate is a slow transactional process.

Yield Compression in Core

Returns for traditional core product are expected to be weak - under 5% by 2020, according to new research. As the economic cycle ages, the usual ‘safe havens’ of traditional core property and gateway markets may represent the biggest medium-term risk to the performance of a property allocation. Investors need new alternatives.

Our Solution

Pentavirate believes that all investors — big and small, domestic and foreign — deserve to go beyond capital preservation, to grow their wealth. We align their particular needs with the right assets, investment vehicles, management practices, and yield thresholds. Our team deploys a careful method of needs analysis, risk mitigation and acquisition that takes advantage of opportunities that lie under the radar of traditional investment firms.

Our team comprises experts in Islamic finance, brokerage, asset management, real estate technology, international retail and corporate real estate services. This managed-account approach is supported by our seasoned real estate and technology teams and a first-class investment committee.

  • Three independent business units dedicated to harvesting value from prime North American real estate.
  • Offerings engineered to eliminate intermediaries, minimize transaction fees and increase transparency.
  • Institutional-grade asset management approach and real-time reporting through our proprietary Real Clear Software® (RCS) dashboard viewable from any device, anywhere, anytime.​


  • In order to deliver gateway-market returns, Pentavirate’s initial fund will focus on the greater Seattle area.
  • Home of Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing
  • 2nd lowest office vacancy rate in the country​-Cushman & Wakefield​
  • 60,000 new jobs created year-over-year
  • Unemployment at 3.8%
  • Investment in the region topped $1.7 billion in the first quarter of 2019​

meet the team

Pentavirate’s leaders honed their skills at some of America's most celebrated companies, including Cushman & Wakefield, Disney, Starbucks, RE/MAX and SVN.


Our real estate and relationships deliver yields that are often double of Class A office and multifamily in gateway markets.