Our Approach

Pentavirate's culture of respect and accountability recognizes that all investors — big and small, domestic and foreign — deserve to go beyond capital preservation to grow their wealth.


Pentavirate is a global investment company placed in the heart of America’s innovation corridor, Seattle, Washington.

Pentavirate is committed to building clarity and confidence for our customers worldwide through our extraordinary team who are renowned experts in Islamic finance, brokerage, international retail, logistics and corporate real estate.

We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and transparency, including oversight by an advisory board who are leaders in technology, global investment and asset management. This rich input assures that every Pentavirate decision is guided by a wider context, including trends in monetary policy, geopolitical tensions and structural changes. In addition, Pentavirate is devoted to ESG Values that always create a clear connection between investment and impact—garnering portfolio-wide efficiencies, preserving and improving the life and profitability of buildings through our systems and products, and ultimately creating wealth.

  • We connect Emerging Market Investors with Developed Market multi-asset class investments.
  • Our clients encompass the full gamut of investors, including Islamic banks, Waqf endowments, Takaful insurance companies, family offices, high-net-worth individuals and pension funds.
discover self-storage
Self-storage properties are about 75 percent higher in value from 2007, as compared to apartments, industrial and other commercial properties which are only 25 percent above the prior peak.

Product types

One of Pentavirate's focal points is the self-storage sector within North America. Currently representing 50,000 facilities, the market has unparalleled growth potential because the buildings are undervalued, 75% of product is owned by small operators, cap rates are in the single digits, and rents have room to grow. In addition, Pentavirate sees enormous opportunity in data centers and in parking structures which deliver stable revenue streams.

Targeting such below-the-radar sectors, we offer a full suite of investment vehicles from Sukuk to portfolio funds to direct Reg D investments. Every one of these offerings is supported by the Pentavirate platform spanning brokerage, structured finance, asset management, fund management, corporate real estate advisory, and technology.

Pentavirate is a partner and a leader within some of the world’s premier real estate investment associations.

  • CCIM
  • nar


Our real estate and relationships deliver yields that are often double of Class A office and multifamily in gateway markets.